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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

I want to clarify something...

I am VERY low volume and I probably see less than 10% of those who contact me.

I’m also very active. I don’t stay cooped up inside all day doing incalls.

It’s best to book ahead. I’ve said this many, many times. I get booked up in advance since I see so few clients.

(I’m winding this down gradually so it’s only going to get harder to see me especially if you don’t or can’t plan a HEAD. ;)

Recently I’ve had several potential clients ‘lose it‘ on me because they’ve been texting or calling for upwards of a couple years asking if they can cum rn...and they still haven’t been able to see me.

These fellas always text something like this (over&over again), “u available rn” To which I politely reply (over&over again), ”No, I’m sorry. I’m very seldom available on short notice. It’s best to book in advance but you can text anytime to see if by chance I’ve had a cancelation.”

But, alas, the timing never works out for these unfortunate individuals.

I just take it as our paths are not meant to cross. So be it.

These fellas take it as a personal insult to themselves when I say I’m unavailable right now. Like I’m deliberately making things difficult for them. As if! :smh:

They get very angry and begin hurling insults and making snide remarks.

This only shows their true colours and then I feel like I’ve dodged a bullet by not seeing them. 👍🏼👍🏼

My vibrational frequency is likely much higher than theirs at that particular moment. Hence, our paths do not cross. 😉

I prefer to keep my vibrational frequency steadily high as should all of those who wish to be HAPPY. It’s the only way!



It is in our best interest to be kind to one another.

When you have disdain, hatred, jealousy, or any other negativity towards another person for whatever reason, you hold YOURSELF apart from all of the good stuff.

How so?

Because that negativity is festering within YOU, YOU, and ONLY YOU. So you are vibrating at a low frequency.

Why would you want that??

LOVE thy neighbour! 💙

Love and Appreciation are the highest vibration.

Allowing yourself to be chronically at a low vibrational frequency is the reason for ALL that ails you. Yup!

Conversely, keeping yourself vibrating steadily at a high frequency, which takes practice, is the reason for all of that good stuff that flows effortlessly into your experience!

Every single aspect of this physical ‘reality’ is vibrational.

We are perceivers of vibration.

Practice being a vibrational match to all that you desire! That’s how you get it to flow to you. 😁


🎼 🎵Good Vibrations! 🎶

Have a relaxing evening, Luvrs!

Elizabeth/Liberty Love 💕


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