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Updated: Jul 18, 2019

I believe that sexuality is the most vital part of the human experience...😉

**We would not be having this WONDERFUL human experience if there were no sexual desire. Right?**

Sexuality is built into our DNA by GOD/SOURCE ENERGY

Sexual desire is meant to be the SINGLE most pleasurable experience EVER!!

so why would it be so taboo?

I don’t get it. Lol

*GOD does NOT judge!*


*GOD/SOURCE ENERGY understands every single aspect of every single individual because every single individual is an extension of GOD/SOURCE ENERGY.

GOD/SOURCE ENERGY is infinite, right?

How could it NOT be??

So how could we not be extensions of GOD??

We were BLESSED with this human experience NOT to follow orders, but to expand the infinite UNIVERSE (Multiverse) with each and EVERY individual thought.

*Each individual thought is UNIQUE*

*Thoughts become THINGS!*

The DIVERSITY of thought is what expands this ever EXPANDING Universe/Multiverse, created by GOD/SOURCE ENERGY.


**Nothing that is did not begin as just a thought... RIGHT??**

GOD/SOURCE ENERGY designed this EVER EXPANDING Universe/Multiverse to include EACH and EVERY thought because the Universe is INFINITE!

Can you fathom INFINITY??

There would be no expansion without DIVERSITY!

Therefore EACH and EVERY individual thought is VITAL to EXPANSION no matter how GOOD or BAD we might judge it to be.

In this EVERLASTING, EVER EXPANDING Multiverse, EVERYTHING that happens is VITAL to the expansion of the entire INFINITE MULTIVERSE!!

...and then there’s the distinct expression of said thought...👍🏼

Ahhhh, the possibilities are infinite..!

‘So exciting!😃🥰


(A Peony by any other name, still smells as DELICIOUS!)

*Thoughts become THINGS!’.*

Thoughts are the basis of all that is, or ever will be!

EVERYTHING that happens is vital to the expansion of the entire INFINITE MULTIVERSE!!

**NOTHING happens by ‘coincidence’**


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