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How do I feel about No Shows and Cancelations?


I don’t mind cancelations because I understand that life just happens and sometimes having to cancel is unavoidable. I’ve canceled a Liberation more than once in the past because there was no other option. I did feel badly about it and I sincerely apologize.

If you take the time to let me know that you’re unable to make I will gladly reschedule at your convenience. I won‘t consider you a No Show if you let me know BEFORE the scheduled time of Liberation. Even if it’s 15 min before. I’m that forgiving, yes. xo

No Shows:

In my opinion, these are those who don’t really give a second thought about wasting another’s precious time.

This happens more than it should.

A quick text makes all the difference in the world. It shows me that you actually respect my time. And remember; you have until 15 min before your Liberation to save yourself from being considered a No Show. Please take a moment and let me know. Thx!

To not show up for your Liberation and then not even bother to text or call gets you muted. I won’t block you but if you ever want to book me again you’ll have to etransfer the rate plus $200 at the time of booking. And, yes, I am worth it! Ask anyone. Lol

Thank you for listening!

Actually, I had the time to write this blog due to a No Show. lol

‘Have a lovely afternoon!

Liberty <3


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