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Why did I decide to become Liberty Love?

I became Liberty Love exactly 5 years ago.

It was Juicy Jordan, my good friend, who ‘turned me out’. Yep, she showed me ‘the ropes’. Lol

I remember she said, “Don’t say your real age; most escorts say 10 years younger than their actual age. So I thought to myself, “hmmmm, 37...” ‘couldn’t do it. So I said 42...

It wasn’t long before I decided to say my real age. I don’t feel comfortable lying about my age. I actually LOVE being my age. The older I get, the more I love it!!!

So I started saying 48 because I turned 48 a couple months into doing this. Once I said my true age I started getting WAYYYYYYYYY more enquiries. And after turning 50, I’m pretty much getting enquiries 24/7. Non stop.

This surprised me but then I realized that, yeah, there’s not a lot of women my age doing this and especially women my age who are willing to admit to being in their fifties. Lol

so I’ve got my little niche...:):)

There‘s thousands of 20 somethings and 30 somethings so it does make sense that those few women in their 50’s are in very high demand.

The main reason I decided to become an escort is that I was noticing more stress and less free time in the workforce.

Stress is most definitely the leading cause of all illnesses In my humble opinion.

And not having enough free time to do those things I love, such as beach, bike riding, yoga, hiking etc causes even more stress.


Yep! So true!!

And here I am! Liberty Love. The name depicts who I really am. Liberty; freedom. THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF BEING HUMAN.

LOVE: All you need is LOVE!

I meet the most wonderf people. People whose paths otherwise would not have crossed mine.

And I am completely stress free.

Nobody ever yells at me. Nobody ever tells me to hurry up. Nobody ever says I’m doing it wrong.

And to be able to make someone else feel fantastic...there’s NOTHING more rewarding than that!

Some clients ask for my real name, which is Elizabeth. They feel silly calling me Liberty, I suppose. But Elizabeth was given to me. I didn’t choose that name.

I CHOSE Liberty Love. That really is who I am!!

I have never been more satisfied with my life!!

And I thank you all who are a part of it.

My clientele. You are truly appreciated!

Thank you so much for 5 years of utter BLISS!! be continued...

Liberty <3


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