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Why Do I Insist You View my website before I book you?

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

In all of my ads, I say, “Please see my website BEFORE contacting me.”

Why would this be important to me?

The main reason is that I’m being inundated with enquiries and random chatter constantly. I probably spend the better part of my day responding to texts, emails, and calls. This can get overwhelming at times which is why I took the time to put together a website with answers to all of the questions I get asked all day, everyday.

I thought that by asking that you kindly view my website BEFORE contacting me, the sheer volume of enquires would be substantially easier to manage. However, this is not the case. I try to be patient but I must admit, I do get annoyed, not only by those who haven’t bothered to read it, but by those who say they’ve read it yet seem to have little comprehension as to what they say they’ve read. I know; it’s not easy to concentrate when one is SUPER HORNY! Lol

So I keep editing the website. I bold print, I underline, I highlight, and I type certain paragraphs in ridiculously gigantic print assuming this will solve the issue. But alas, it doesn’t. lol

What else can I do?

When someone texts “Available?” or “Hey babe” I simply text back the link to my website.

The person replies, ”Yep. I’ve read it over and over again!”

HELP ME! Lmaoooo

There! I got that off my chest. Lol

I appreciate every single one of you! I really do!!

I even have a reminder coming up on my iPhone at regular intervals that says :Love&Appreciation: This keeps me from getting annoyed and reminds that nobody is purposely trying to annoy me. These potential clients only want to know more about my services. And for that I am grateful!

Now I’m going to say THANK YOU for your interest in having me Liberate you! I really do appreciate you!

Here‘s my promise never to be annoyed at someone who texts “Hey”.

There! Done!!

Now I’ll have to keep my promise and respond, ”:) Hi!” and stop being such a control freak. Right? I’ll suck it up! Then I’ll suck you up! Haha

That was my very first blog. How was it?

‘Have a great night, Luvrs!

Liberty <3


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